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Riverhead Parish Council Members

There is currently a vacancy at Riverhead Parish Council. Please contact Caroline the Clerk is you are interested in joining the Council to serve the local community.

Please click on Councillors' picture to see their name at the bottom of of the picture.

Irene Collins joined in March 2016 and was elected to Chairman in December 2017. She currently serves on the Standing and Finance Committees and the Open Spaces and Communications sub-committees.

Chris Kennett joined in October 2008 and is also one of the joint Vice-Chairs. She current serves on the Standing Committee and the Village Hall and Highways sub-committees.

Alan Colnet joined in September 2006 and serves on the Standing and Planning Committees and the Village Hall sub-committee.

Shirley Stewart joined in October 2017. She serves on the Planning Committee and the Highways and Village Hall sub-committees. Shirley also co-ordinates the Riverhead Speedwatch.

Lucy Hooper joined in February 2018 and serves on the Communications and Highways sub-committees.

Phil Smith joined in June 2020. He serves on the Finance Committee and the Parkland and Communications sub-committees.

Janice King re-joined in March 2021 after a few years break and is serving on the Planning Committee and the Open Spaces and Parkland sub-committees.

Colin Croucher joined in November 2021 and serves on the Finance Committee and Parkland sub-committee

Parish Councillors interests can be viewed on the Sevenoaks District Council website via the following link register of interests