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Freedom of Information

  1. The Freedom of Information Act 2000 is intended to promote a culture of openness and accountability among public authorities by providing people with rights of access to the information held by them.
  2. The Council complies with requests for the information that it hold unless an exemption from disclosure applies on the condition that the person who requests the information provides the Council with his identification details.
  3. The Council will normally have a maximum of twenty working days to respond to the request. However, there are circumstances when this time limit can be extended.
  4. Much information produced by the Council is available on the website and can be downloaded free of charge or can be sent by email.
  5. Hard copy of document are only available on A4 format. The charge rate is available by downloading the Freedom of Information Document below.


Standing Orders, Financial Regulations and other Parish Council policies can be found in the menu above by clicking on Parish Council and then Policies & Procedures