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Speedwatch - could you help reduce speeding in Riverhead?

By Caroline Penollar Riverhead Parish Council

Thursday, 27 May 2021


Riverhead Parish Council Contributor


Speedwatch - could you help reduce speeding in Riverhead?

We are looking for volunteers to help run regular speedwatch sessions. Training consists of one hour online training and a training session in person with a coordinator, where you will learn how to use the Speedwatch device and hear how the use of Speedwatch leads to a reduction in traffic speed and of accidents. - saving injury and even death.

Commitment is at least one hour a week, to join a team of three volunteers per session at the roadside where we monitor the speed of passing vehicles in hotspots where speeding is an issue e.g. near schools, busy junctions etc.

Some police statistics to help show how important it is:

- A pedestrian or cyclist struck by a vehicle travelling at 40 mph has a 90% chance of being killed.

- Struck by a vehicle travelling at 35 mph has 50% chance of being killed.

- Struck by a vehicle travelling at 30 mph has a 20% chance of being killed

- Struck by a vehicle travelling at 20 mph has only a 2.5% of being killed.

Those drivers with a speed of 36 mph or above (in a 30 mph zone) who are caught by the Speedwatch device will receive a letter from Kent Police confirming the speed they were caught driving, the penalties attached to such an offence and of the consequences of repeat offending.

To get involved, please e-mail Councillor Shirley Stewart who is organising the sessions [email protected]

To find out more general information about Community Speedwatch in Kent, visit

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